Department of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology of the RWTH Aachen University

Winter in Aachen

By far the coldest place I have ever been to, Aachen is a wonderful city. I have started to like the city so much that now I want the cold to come back soon. The beautiful snow fall made this city even more beautiful. I am sure people who are living here for a long time won’t agree with me but I really like the snow and the cold. I was a bit nervous when I got the invitation letter to come to Aachen, but after coming here and after meeting wonderful people of the city and the wonderful colleagues of the department, I felt a bit more confident. It was good that I came in December as I got to see the Christmas and New Year celebrations and in the process I got the chance to meet and interact with very nice people. I am sure that the time I live in Aachen will be the most memorable time of my life and I will do my level best to make my department proud of me just like I am proud of my department.

  1. Hi Shikhar Kumar,

    This will be my first time in Aachen.I will be there between September 2012 till end of November 2012. What will be the expected weather during that time?

    What kind of clothes is necessary? I bet its going to be cold 🙂


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