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My first impressions of India

India has always been on my wish list of countries to visit, but either there was no time or other interests that interferred with this plan. After signing up for the Master of science in Georessourcemanagement I had the opportunity to go abroad and get to know new people and culture. Read more »

Indian traffic – Hyderabad Metro railway project and construction

Most of us know, travelling on the roads of Germany can’t be compared to travelling Indian roads! While it is easy to travel longer distances by road and really getting from destination A to B, despite some hundred kilometres distance in just a few hours – this is not possible in the megacity area of Hyderabad. Officially having the worst European traffic in Brussels, daily drivers from there can be quite happy not be caught up in an Indian, Hyderabadi kind of traffic. Experiencing how bad the traffic here may get would leave them quite relaxed in their traffic issues.

Hyderabad’s population stands at around 8 million right now and is projected to reach 13,6 million people in the next 5 years. As of right now more than 3 million personalised vehicles are on the roads, and that doesn’t include all the motorcycles and scooters! 0,2 Million people are approximated as yearly increase of vehicles in Hyderabad.
While 8 million motorised trips are made daily, only around 40 % are made with the public transportation. Just one effect despite all the traffic and the time spent, waiting in it, is the high pollution level. Combined with temperatures right now in the months of April and May of around 40 °C and higher the air quality suffers tremendously.

It seems like from the moment that you can afford to not walk, but take a motorcycle or something else you will only walk with your own feet when there is no other possible way. In the mornings I usually walk about one kilometre to get fruits and milk for breakfast – and at the beginning I was somehow even laughed at for not wanting to take a scooter, but preferring to walk by myself. I believe that the growth and intensification of traffic will not stop anytime soon.

In order to somehow manage the traffic which is projected to just become more in the next years officials have realised that something needs to be changed! Read more »

A Visit In Naya Raipur

During my stay in Raipur the capital of the Indian state Chhattisgarh, I had the opportunity to visit the huge development project called Naya Raipur (New Raipur). In an area roughly extending over 8000ha and located 17 km to the south east of Raipur, the new capital of Chhattisgarh Naya Raipur is being constructed under the supervision of the Naya Raipur Development Authority. The decision towards a newly planned capital was made after the formation of the new state Chhattisgarh in 2000. Read more »

Another impact of land use change



India is a developing country and its newly developing state Chhattisgarh is also its apex of development. Development is the need of mankind, but not at the cost of changes in environmental outcome.  Due to developmental changes in landuse pattern affects most severely the entire natural asset of the area. As I can see here the drastic changes due to www.nature.comdevelopment; all over the urban periphery apartments, colleges, schools, hospitals, business parks.. etc will increases very rapidly. The land cover changes from vegetation, barren land, shrubs to concrete cover, pavements….etc. The property of the land has changed. All these changes will be going to affect not only this area but the effects we can also see in the nearby villages. This is rainy season. But here at urban area there will be no rainfall at this season. And at the nearby villages excessive rainfall will damage the entire farmers schedule for their plantation.

Climate variability

Why this happens…..;

why rainfall is below average at urban area and why it is heavily rained over the rural area near by urban periphery?? What is the reason behind this?? Who is responsible for this??

All such questions are arises when it comes to affect society economically; because no one bothered until it directly affects the present.

Questions arising in my mind that; why weather is not behaving according to the season?? And, Is it disturbed due to local changes in land use pattern?? These two questions are storming in my mind. The interaction and dependencies of processes across the boundaries of environmental compartments makes us difficult to understand these changes. Growing consumption and source to sink product life disturbed the hydro-geology
as well as ecology of the area that is contrary to any principles of sustainability. Resource depletion and pollution are facts to be faced by today’s generation. Understanding the interactions between the compartments in a hydro system is vital in predicting the effects of changes in climatic forces due to land use pattern.

Changes in any one compartment disturbed the nutrient and water cycle of the local area. Due to this we suffer natural anomaly of various kinds, which is going to affect our lives socially economically and politically. That is the scenario which not only our future generation will suffer but today we ourselves witness. All these are the cause of human interaction in haphazard manner on our ecosphere. We are the only responsible for the decay of our natural prosperity. Please preserve the ecosystem because we are the one who lives in society for the society.



The Mountain Park at Louseberg

I am Shweta Kumari  from N.I.T. Patna. I am in the 3rd semester of M.Tech degree course.  I have been awarded  the opportunity to visit Aachen and do my internship there for two months in RWTH Aachen University under the guidance of Dr. Klaus Baier and Prof. Rafiq Azam. I am very  thankful to  Prof. Vivekanand Singh Sir and Prof. Ramakar Jha Sir for  their help and guidance. I was very happy and excited as it was my first visit to a foreign land.

I  boarded my flight from I.G.I. airport , New Delhi at 3 a.m. and reached Frankfurt in morning at 8 a.m. It was a long journey  from India to Franfurt but I  was happy and had been enjoying the outside view and flight facilities


At I.G.I. Airport New Delhi

during my journey. From Frankfurt I took the connecting flight to Dusseldorf. After half an hour I reached Dusseldorf airport. It was quite big and the aeroplanes were being unloaded there. I received my baggage and  came out of the airport .I met Hemant Sir there. It was really very nice of him that he came to receive me inspite of being busy. I was very happy and we have taken the train from Dusseldorf airport to reach Aachen. After a journey of an hour we reached Aachen.



AS I stepped down in Aachen I felt like “wow finally I am in Aachen” and now  the journey begins.  “Oh my god!


A view of Germany from heights

flowers and flowers all around” it was my first reaction. It  looked like they were welcoming me in Aachen. I was mesmerized  by the beauty of Aachen. The historic and beautiful Aachen! I loved it. It is a nice well planned  and modern city . A city with proper traffic and transportation systems, clean streets, lots of students, cathedral,  lots of flowers and greenery . For me it was all new watching maximum number of persons from all age groups bicycling and walking to reach their places. The drainage system of  Aachen is also very good as I have seen that inspite of raining  for hours  there was not a single waterlogged place here. My project is related with urbanization and water management that’s why I had been observing these things very minutely.



Lousberg lying in the centre of Aachen city

In Aachen  there are large apartments  everywhere , in which hundreds of student live and all are provided with separate rooms . They have placed everything of need in a small area including refrigerator in kitchen etc.  After staying almost two weeks in Aachen I realized that the Germans are very helpful , laborious and punctual by nature. In Germany the Sun sets at 10:00 p.m. and the Indian time is three and half hours ahead of German time. This caused a lot  of problems during initial days for me.  According to my body clock I used to sleep at 7 p.m. (G.S.T.). I would wait for the Sun to set  but I used to go to sleep everyday before sunset and used to wake up at 3 a.m.(G.S.T.). But everything is normal now.


The food habits of both the countries are very different . In India we have spicy foods but  it  is different here. Their way of cooking is different. I have tasted many dishes here and I love “Falafel” the most.


A model showing ancient engineering

I have been to many places here in Aachen like Rat hause, Aachen theatre, West park, Aachen Cathederal, Ponttor,Three country point , Puppenbrunnen etc. All these monuments are master pieces of ancient art and looks like telling stories of Aachen’s glorious history.  Ponttor is the place from where  the enemies entered into  Germany at the time of the second world war .The sculptures carved on the walls of Rathause are amazing. Out of all these places I like “THREE COUNTRY POINT “  the most.




View from “King Baudouin Tower” at the Three Country Point

It is located on Vaalserberg i.e. Mount of vaals. At the three country point the borders of three countries namely Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands meet .A small stone pillar is constructed at the meeting point. It is  a very interesting  place. There are large number of shops in which varieties of German food and ice-creams can be enjoyed. A huge tower named “King Baudouin Tower” is also located beside the  Three Country Point.  There is a concrete roof on the top of the tower from where you can see the beautiful landscapes of the three countries at the same time. One  can use lift or stairs to reach the top. We reached  the border of Germany by bus from Aachen Bushof and from there we walked to reach  “Three Country Point”.


Pillar at the Three Country Point

Lots of thanks to the soul of this  journey my father and my family whose support and efforts made it all happen. I am also very thankful to Hemant Sir and Manish Sir for their help and support in Aachen. Lot more to explore ………… I am on my way.