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Life on the IIT Madras Campus

The IIT Madras is one of the leading universities in India and one of the local cooperation partners of the University of RWTH Aachen. Due to this cooperation, the IIT Madras gave me opportunity to stay at the IIT Campus.
All in all, the IIT Madras has sixteen academic departments with 550 faculties, 8000 students and 1250 administrative & supporting staff members.  It was constructed in 1959 with financial support from the government of West-Germany.As it can be seen on figure 1, what makes IIT Madras so special, is that it was built in the middle of the Guindy National Park inside the city of Chennai. Altogether, this National Park has a size of more than 250 hectares.

IIT Madras

Figure 1: IIT Madras








Figure 2: Hungry Deer

Due to this special location of the campus, it has a big diversity of animal species, which are now participating in the daily life at the campus. Especially the deers and the monkeys have got used to it and are no more afraid about humans. Deers’ favorite fruits are watermelons, because of the huge amount of water inside. The following figure 2 shows one deer which gets feed with some fresh watermelon.


Banyan Tree

Figure 3: Banyan-Tree

Next to the huge verities of special animal on the campus, also the local flora is unique. As already mentioned, the campus was built on a national park. That’s why still huge percentage of the land areas remained wooded. Eye-catchers are the huge and very old “Banyan-Trees”, which are under special protection. Peculiarity of these trees is that the branches grow after some time again to the ground and act as an additional root system. The following figure 3 shows one of the huge “Banyan-Trees” on the IIT Campus.

Generally, it can be said that life on campus is a unique and great experience. The high biodiversity and partially untouched nature is a great advantage which compensates the stressful and noisy life in the city of Chennai.








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