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Life in Germany, A new beginning

Hello everyone. This will be the first post of mine in Germany. My journey starts here with a word called “late”.  My flight was 10 hour late. My luggage also came after one day. But it feels good to come from 45 degree Celsius to 10 degree Celsius.  Thanks to the people i have a nice room in Aachen. I met Dr. Klaus on the very first day of my arrival.  He was very nice .  First few days in Aachen were a little hard for me. But later i get accustomed to it with the help from hemant, shikhar and Jasmin. The weather is now quite soothing for me.

I went to Elisenbrunnen on Saturday evening and got mesmerised by the performance going there.  People of different age categories were doing salsa there. The major difference between Europe and Asia is about the food habits. Coming to the German foods i liked the typical German food here(Though it has very less spices!!).  This new journey of my life has made me a cook 😛 . I loved cooking here and everyday i try something different in kitchen. This Aachen city has given me a lot of things.

During the initial days i went to Monschau and Cologne.  I can say that Monschau is the most picturesque town in North-Rhine  Westphalia.  The panorama view of the city is just wonderful and breathtaking. In a nutshell i went to Eifeler museum park,rote Haus,sand sculpture museum, Burgau in Monschau.  I really liked the place very much.

On the very next i went to Cologne. The Cologne’s Dom is just near the hauptbahnhof.  The good thing of Germany is the tourist centers are just near the main railway stations. I first went to kolner Dom and had a thought to scale up.  I also visited the Ludwig museum,Rhine park. The thing i liked the most is the ride through rheinseilbahn. I must say that the Rhine park is nice place to hangout in cologne.  One interesting thing i found out is the padlocks in hohenzollern bridge. The night life in cologne is also very memorable for me. 



Another thing i would like add is the euro cup fever in Germany.The Deutschland will gonna win this Euro cup. I had a nice evening at the “Cuckoo’s nest” on the eve of Germany Vs Netherlands.The veltins beer,the frenzy emotions and goals by Gomez just made my day.I am very thankful to bianca for the lift ride to home :).


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