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The Disastrous State of Sanitation in Indian Schools

School benches

Literacy rates in India are among the lowest in Asia as almost 40% of the age group of 15 years and above are not able to read and write. Although in the recent years there have been large improvements concerning school enrolment rates and basic facilities such as all-weather rooms and the provisioning of cooked midday meals the Indian education system still faces serious challenges and some of these challenges are related to the issue of sanitation. Read more »

Vector Borne Diseases and the Urban Malaria Scheme


Every year after the monsoon season there is a sharp rise in the spread of vector borne diseases such as malaria and dengue fever, which are transmitted by mosquitos. In private and public hospitals there were around 450 officially reported cases of malaria in Hyderabad in 2012. But especially dengue fever has witnessed a rise in cases in the recent years. Read more »

Literature review: (Mega) Urbanisation in China – water consumption, pollution and efforts by the governments

City Axis of Guangzhou

Literature to: (Mega) Urbanisation in China – water consumption, pollution and efforts by the governments

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Drinking water in the Trans-Varuna area of Varanasi

Pipes on the streets

This article shows an outline of my Master´s Thesis about the drinking water situation in the Trans-Varuna area of Varanasi in India.

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A model case of non-governmental waste management activities



Apart from governmental approaches to handle solid waste management in Hyderabad, there are some non-governmental organizations coming up with different ideas concerning the topic. One of them is named Sukuki Exnora which we visited over here in Hyderabad.

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