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Is Mumbai the new Paris?

Fashion is an important part of everyday life… and this is also true for India. Traditional clothing in India greatly varies across the different parts of the country and is strongly influenced by local culture. But still the most popular dress for women remains the Sari.The sari is widely regarded as a symbol of Indian, Sri Lankan and Bangladeshi culture and the most women wear it every day. The traditional Indian woman creates her style with make up and ornaments like, Bindi, mehendi, earrings, bangles and other jewelry, under the motto: More is more. But today it seems, that fashion in India is in transition. Read more »

Fog or Smog? – India’s megacities face another huge challenge

13 out of the 20 most polluted cities in the world are located in India. This result concluded by the WHO in 2014 clarifies the sheer magnitude of air pollution within the country. Even though being daily confronted with the effects of dusty smog, locals rather tend to use the term “fog”. This lack of conceptual clarity gives rise to the question if the population in megacities in fact requires more education on the phenomenon itself or if it refers to the displacement or non-consideration of air pollution problems. Regarding the research on growing megacities, it is important to take a look at further issues apart from the water topic as it gives an additional view on a variety of interconnected problem areas. Read more »

A helpful guide for groundwater seekers in India


After my blog-Traditional Groundwater Diviners in India, in which I criticized the false practices of traditional groundwater diviners, I received some comments and responses from our blog followers in India. Most of them were farmers or people who were looking for the proper sources which will provide scientific guidance in seeking exact locations for drilling of bore wells. I tried to help them as per my knowledge of the region. Read more »

Writing an Article

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Writing an Article is quite a hard job, but a very nice one, too. Mostly when we do our dissertation, we spend our time with thinking, doing research in the internet, speaking rarely with some persons who understand our thoughts. But for the article we are usually working in a group, so this is already a lot of fun, because we are able to share our thoughts. Then we put all our thoughts together in some writing and again we discuss, how everything can fit in a nicely way. Read more »

A Tour Through Dharavi – One of South Asia’s Biggest Slums


If you come to Mumbai as a tourist for a few days and you spend your time in the posh southern tip of the city, around the Gateway of India and Marine Drive, it is easy to forget that a big part of the urban population in India lives in slums and has to fight for a livelihood every day. Around 60% of the citizens of Mumbai live in slums and Dharavi, with a population of at least half a million, probably has become the most famous one of them, especially after the success of the movie “Slumdog Millionaire”. Read more »