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Patancheru-Bollaram Industrial Cluster

10,000 L Tanker leaving PETL

There are all kinds of different industries within the Hyderabad city boundaries. But the production in these areas is dominated by bulk drug manufacturing. Today we take a closer look at the problematic situation of pharmaceutical industries in the Pattancheru-Bollaram cluster.

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Hyderabad’s Water Crisis – Need for Integrated Urban Water Management


The concept of Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) first gained broader attention in the year 1992 during the international environmental conferences of Dublin and Rio de Janeiro (GWP, 2000). In 1996 the Global Water Partnership (GWP) was founded by World Bank, United Nations Development Programme and Swedish International Development Corporation Agency with its main responsibility to foster the concept of IWRM on a worldwide level (GWP, 2014). Read more »

The Formation of Telangana and the Status of Hyderabad


In an earlier entry from October 2011 I wrote about the ongoing struggle for the formation of a separate Telangana State (“The Telangana Conflict”). After several decades the Telangana movement seems to have reached its goal and the 29th State of the Republic of India is about to be created. Our research area Hyderabad, until now the capital of Andhra Pradesh (AP), is located right in the middle of this new State. Read more »

Potable Water woes for Rural Population in Eastern Uttar Pradesh


A recent study conducted by the assistance of World Bank in rural areas of districts of Eastern Uttar Pradesh have pointed out very serious questions about the sanitation facilities and potable water quality available to the people in this region. Read more »

The Great Flood of 1908


The city of Hyderabad is an offspring of Golconda Fort. The fort, founded around a 1000 years ago and now in ruins, had developed into an over-populated fort-city where hygiene could not be maintained and the health of the people was threatened. Read more »