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Extreme weather conditions in 2013 in India and Germany

Aachen covered in snow

Few days ago, I visited India for some work and holidays. I left Aachen on 14th of February and planned to return back on 14th of March considering my work and holiday plan. I had a simple plan that I will be able to finish my work in India before the real Indian hot summer will start and also, I can escape from the cold in Aachen for few days. When I left Aachen it was cold as usual with temperature during day near about 5 degree Celsius and in night close to 1-2 degree Celsius. But this year, the weather really surprised me in both countries.
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Humble views of a Railway fan


Since my childhood, I have been in love with trains and railways of all kinds. The power, the precision and the numerical figures involved, always astounded me. Obviously, Indian railway has a special place in my heart and mind. I still remember all the train journeys I ever took in India. And I still am a fan of train and railway technologies. In India, I used to see videos and pictures of the trains and railway systems of other countries. After coming to Germany, I got the chance to have a first-hand experience of not just German Railway (Deutsche Bahn) but railway system of nearly all of Europe. Read more »

Sports Lovers in Aachen

Ladies in Black- Alemania Aachen

Volleyball has always been one of my favorite sports. Even though, I am not so good at it but I always spare some time to cherish this hobby somehow since my elementary school. When I came to Aachen, I was happy to find many volleyball clubs and sports events organized throughout the year by university or other organizations. RWTH Aachen University also has their well established sports complex where you can do all kinds of sports activities and every Monday, I go there for volleyball. I have also joined a small mixed volleyball club called “Beta-Blocker” and we frequently participate in some volleyball competitions on weekends. I am happy to say that we make a good, well balanced team. Read more »

Magnificent Monschau


Common… it’s only forty minutes by bus from the Aachen Bushof, I can go whenever I want. But saying frank, there is no charm in exploring a place without friends…both known and strangers, no matter how many times you have been to that place. Thanks to INCAS, the barrier to go through, what is exactly after these forty minutes, was gone through the confirmation by a mere mail and of curse 5 Euros is not that much…:P. Read more »

Euro cup fever in Aachen…


If you want to experience the craziness of German fans towards football, then Euro cup is the best time. Some even think that Euro cup championship is tougher than the World Cup football matches and it seems true in every sense. And if you are staying in Germany, then you can not stay away from all this fun. It all starts at least 15-20 days before the start of league matches. You can notice the German flags on the cars and German flag colors spreading on many products from toilet papers to chocolates in Super markets. Read more »