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My Indian experiences

Now that my journey to India is nearly over, I would like to share some of the experiences that I’ve made during the three month stay.

A warm / hot welcome

 My two fellow students Marc and Erik and I arrived in Raipur, the capital of Chhattisgarh, in the middle of April. Before starting our journey, I had already had a look at a climate graph of Raipur, so I knew that the difference in temperature as compared to Aachen would be immense. Indeed, while we had temperatures of around 10 °C in Aachen at that time, Raipur greeted us with overwhelming forty-odd degrees. With the help of the air conditioning in our room and by making sure not to go outside in the early afternoon, we managed to more or less adapt to the heat after a few days. Read more »

“Selfie please?!”

The smartphone is a technology that has conquered the world incredibly fast. The first generation iPhone is only nine years old, but already it feels to me that by not owning a smartphone I belong to a tiny minority. Until last year, I thought that the vast rise of smartphones is only a phenomenon in well-off countries. But soon I learned that even in developing countries, I get puzzled looks when people see my ancient clamshell phone. Read more »