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A helpful guide for groundwater seekers in India

After my blog-Traditional Groundwater Diviners in India, in which I criticized the false practices of traditional groundwater diviners, I received some comments and responses from our blog followers in India. Most of them were farmers or people who were looking for the proper sources which will provide scientific guidance in seeking exact locations for drilling of bore wells. I tried to help them as per my knowledge of the region. Read more »

Extreme weather conditions in 2013 in India and Germany

Few days ago, I visited India for some work and holidays. I left Aachen on 14th of February and planned to return back on 14th of March considering my work and holiday plan. I had a simple plan that I will be able to finish my work in India before the real Indian hot summer will start and also, I can escape from the cold in Aachen for few days. When I left Aachen it was cold as usual with temperature during day near about 5 degree Celsius and in night close to 1-2 degree Celsius. But this year, the weather really surprised me in both countries.
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My Work Theme: Urban Groundwater Recharge Modeling for Hyderabad

For the DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst) initiated program “A new passage to India”, we four Ph. D. scholars- Kilian, Jasmin, Shikhar and me are working on project theme named “Urbanization and its effect on water resources”. In this regard, we have chosen fast growing urban areas like Hyderabad, Varanasi, Bhubneshwar etc. for our study about different topics. Such as, Kilian is studying about interaction between water management and informal processes; Jasmin is working on impact of urban lifestyle on water resources in India; Shikhar is interested in analysis of groundwater quality in Hyderabad and Varanasi and I am studying about effect of urbanization on groundwater recharge in Hyderabad. It’s been almost two years since we are working and helping each other in our work and its really nice experience to know about their view and observations about India. Read more »

Joy of Ganesh Festival and Impact on Environment

Indian calendar is filled with lots of festivals and holidays considering different religions. Few days ago, Ganesh Festival or locally known as “Ganesh Chaturthy” was celebrated all over India and also abroad in some parts where majority of Indians are living. Originally it was celebrated by every hindu religious person by establishing a small idol of lord Ganesha in their homes and by offering prayers daily with their family and friends for 10 days. But during British rule, to encourage the fight for freedom among the people, one of the great Indian freedom fighter-Lokmanya Tilak used Ganesha Festival as a hidden way to gather people and to encourage them for the fight for freedom. After that, Ganesha festival became a big public event. Read more »

Sports Lovers in Aachen

Volleyball has always been one of my favorite sports. Even though, I am not so good at it but I always spare some time to cherish this hobby somehow since my elementary school. When I came to Aachen, I was happy to find many volleyball clubs and sports events organized throughout the year by university or other organizations. RWTH Aachen University also has their well established sports complex where you can do all kinds of sports activities and every Monday, I go there for volleyball. I have also joined a small mixed volleyball club called “Beta-Blocker” and we frequently participate in some volleyball competitions on weekends. I am happy to say that we make a good, well balanced team. Read more »