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Dorothee Uerschels
M.Sc. Georessourcenmanagement, RWTH Aachen University, research about water resources and informality in Hyderabad, India

Water supply of squatter areas in Hyderabad

Squatter and slum areas are still very poor connected to a functional supply system. The lack of a water supply system is one of the major problems for the dwellers. Very often, the drinking water is scarce; this is why they have to consume water which quality is insufficient. There are different types of water supply in squatter areas in Hyderabad; some of them are introduced hereby. Read more »

A life in the waste of Hyderabad

Caused by the rapid and uncontrolled urbanization of Hyderabad, the waste management by the city government is unorganized. This is why the waste is collected by people, who try to earn some money by selling the sorted waste.

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