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Astounding Germany

Astounding Germany!!
I am Reshma Thankachan, pursuing Masters in Water Resource Engineering from National Institute of Technology, Patna, India. I got a chance to be in Aachen, Germany for two months, under DAAD scholarship. I am extremely thankful to my Prof. Dr Ramakar Jha and Dr Klaus Baier, for this wonderful opportunity.
Over brimming happiness…
I was really excited when my professor told me about the scholarship and also the chance to work in a university abroad, to be more specific RWTH Aachen University. I could still remember that moment; literally I was overwhelmed with excitement and happiness. It was going to be my first journey to outside India and I was like “minnichekkane karthave!!!”(Phrase in Malayalam, just to express my feeling totally). My joy got doubled when I come to know that my colleague and my bestie Britty Antony, my partner in all craziness is also accompanying. I was pretty happy on realising the fact that “the gorgeous Germany” is going to welcome us so soon!!!!!!
4Journey over the sky…
With full of excitement and joy, I started my first journey to outside the country from Delhi international airport. I expected to get a window seat so that I could not miss the chance to visualise the beauty of the world from miles away from the ground. Even though I was bit sad in mind, I got a wonderful granny as my partner in flight. She made herself sure that I am totally comfortable near to her and the most wonderful fact is that she never kept her mouth closed and I couldn’t understand a single word from her. The language she used was totally new to me. Finally the flight landed at the Amsterdam airport. From there I took a connecting flight to Dusseldorf. At the airport I was welcomed by Christian, friend of Manish. From there we took the train to Aachen. On the way to Aachen, Christian kept on explaining about the city. Literally I was not able to listen to him since I was calmly enjoying my new world like a child. On the same day Dr. Klaus Baier and Manish visited us and had a walk through the city with Manish. It was Manish who was going to guide us for the 2 months in our work. He was so kind enough in helping us in our work and also he has taken a great effort to make us familiarise with the city. A big thanks to him!!5
Surprising silence…
The very first surprising thing for me in Aachen was the calmness!!!It was a totally different scenario for me as I am used with lot of noise. Each nook and corner of the city I experienced the same silence. It took me about 2 weeks to adjust with the new environment. I should say something about the food in Germany. It was very hard to find some spicy food here since I was habitual with lot of spicy food. But anyhow it was nice tasting the different styles. Ya…I should mention about the Lindt chocolate factory. It was awesome!! 
The chocolates were really yummy!!!.The next surprising fact in Germany was the climate. Ohh God, It was like one day sunny, the very next day will be cloudy or with light showers. The weather was totally fluctuating.

Trips to other European countries…
I had visited Paris- “city of love” and Switzerland along with my 2 friends. Those days in both the countries were really memorable. We had enjoyed like anything. The cities were beautiful with waterfalls, museums, Eifel tower-one of the seven wonders, palaces etcs. We also had climbed to the top of the Eifel tower. It was simply Woah!!

Cherishing moments...
I could still remember the each moment I had in Germany. Those days were literally colourful. I could still remember my first day journey from my apartment to university. Actually it is just a 40 minutes thing to reach the university and I took nearly 3 hours to reach. I took the correct bus from my apartment but I was totally confused about the place I need to get down. I got down at some other stops. Then took some other bus, went to some far way place from university. After that one day journey to university, I thoroughly learned the whole Aachen. Also I loved the night life in Germany. It was very cool to roam around the city in nights which I could never experience in India. I am definitely going to miss those days. Also I had met with 3 German guys in my department who had been to India like us for internship. It was really nice to get friends like them because they had experienced life in India like me and my friend. So we all become friends too fast and had really good time here.
Now it is time for me to depart to India, which is a bit sad thing. I really had a pleasant time here and I am really going to miss these days. I like to thank Manish for his constant support in my work and also my friends here for making me to enjoy these 2 months here!!!!