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Rena Stehn
Student of M.Sc. Applied Geosciences, major in Geophysics-Hydrogeology-Engineering Geology. Currently working on master thesis at Department of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology of RWTH Aachen University. Topic is the impact of urban lifestyle on the water management in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India.

Happy Birthday?

Opportunities and prospects for Hyderabad’s children

The idea for this blog was born when I joined the birthday celebration of the 2-year old niece of a friend two days ago. Read more »

„Do you want some water?“

About the trouble saying NO and the lovely hospitality of the Indian people.

My job is doing interviews with the people. Going from one door to another and ask for information about the inhabitants life and their water consumption. Quite clear as far as that.

But what shall I do when every alternating household wants me to come in and drink some of their water? Read more »