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Alice Reil
Alice is currently completing her M.Sc. in Applied Geography at RWTH Aachen University with a minor in Urban Planning. Her research focuses on the environmental perceptions and health issues of residents in different urban areas in India. Main interests: Water situations in urban areas; environment, health and food issues in developing and emerging countries. Contact:

Jubilee Hills Civic Exnora – A residential initiative towards a waste collection service

As opposed to India, the urban infrastructure in Germany that supports and makes daily life more comfortable and safe is laid out well and serviced throughout the city: I receive clean water 24/7 and dirty water discharges immediately and odourlessly into the depths of the urban sewage system; there are power cuts only on very rare occasions (and if so, I am informed about it) and I know exactly on which day (and more or less at what time) the municipality’s waste collection truck passes through my street to collect the rubbish that I accumulated throughout the week. In India, the municipality does not guarantee for any of the above even if the actual physical infrastructure is already in place. Read more »

Impressions of daily life in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh

Strolling through the old city of Varanasi as a Westerner hardly ever ends up being a quiet and undisturbed walk through the narrow alleys. One usually has to squeeze past water buffalos, let honking motorcycles pass, jump over cow dung, take pictures of numerous children asking to be photographed or rid oneself of ambitious souvenir vendors selling “antiques” and “real silk”. Then again you get women smiling at you warmly and children taking your hand trying to show you something; you see local residents having a chat over a clay cup full of chai or inviting you in to catch a glimpse of their embroidery skills. The list could go on and on and but some of these spontaneous episodes turn into impressions that stick with you even after you have moved on to other places.

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