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Lopamudra Priyadarsini

Magnificent Monschau

Common… it’s only forty minutes by bus from the Aachen Bushof, I can go whenever I want. But saying frank, there is no charm in exploring a place without friends…both known and strangers, no matter how many times you have been to that place. Thanks to INCAS, the barrier to go through, what is exactly after these forty minutes, was gone through the confirmation by a mere mail and of curse 5 Euros is not that much…:P. Read more »

A Journey worth Waiting…

It was the last day of my semester examination…all tensions are gone (at least for this semester). Suddenly I got a call from Prof. Jha and he asked me whether I am interested in going Germany for my project work. I was speechless. Am I day dreaming or something else? Indicating affirmation to the opportunity, my wishes just started to fly high although I don’t have the tiniest probability of going without my passport and visa….Now I realized my fate just proved me wrong of being tension free. Read more »