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Jasmin Mohr, PhD Student, National Institute of Technology (NIT) Rourkela, Department of Civil Engineering & RWTH Aachen University, Department of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology, Research interest: urbanisation and lifestyle,


“Lebensstil” or lifestyle is a term that has in the social sciences a significant upswing since Bourdieu’s publication “Distinction”. Furthermore, the term is now experiencing an inflationary use in various fields. On the one hand the lifestyle concept is used for the analysis of social structure as expansion or differentiation from class or caste models of social differences. On the other hand, the term is object of critique in connection with “western”, “modern” way of life, or even the “American Way of Life”, for example in relation to health issues or sustainability. Thus the modern, sedentary lifestyle is a risk factor for several diseases, such as obesity and the energy-intensive Western lifestyle threatens due to the high CO2 emissions and climate change the environmental conditions. Read more »

Good and bad side

Sometimes it’s really hard to be in India. There are two sides. On the one hand there is so much new and interesting to experience. Even if you stay and study most of the time on the campus. So many things are different from Germany: The surrounding, religion, details of the daily routine … . Therefore, there is not a day that is not exciting. Read more »

Writing an Article

Writing an Article is quite a hard job, but a very nice one, too. Mostly when we do our dissertation, we spend our time with thinking, doing research in the internet, speaking rarely with some persons who understand our thoughts. But for the article we are usually working in a group, so this is already a lot of fun, because we are able to share our thoughts. Then we put all our thoughts together in some writing and again we discuss, how everything can fit in a nicely way. Read more »

Dissertation – Project Management

Dissertation Mindmap

What is a dissertation? Reading, research, writing, collecting data? Not only that, a further point seems particularly important. And the longer I work on my dissertation, so it seems to me absolutely necessary: The organization and management. Most of all I like the concept of project management, because I see this thesis as a project.

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Invitation to be speaker at ASIA 2012

After having written an abstract about what our research group is doing in India and what my special research interest is, I got an invitation to the ASIA 2012 Conference in Chiang Mai, Thailand. This was the Fourth International Conference on Water Resources and Renewable Energy Development in Asia. It included presentations and discussions on the opportunities, development targets, accomplishments and challenges of countries in the Asia Pacific region regarding water. As I should speak to the audience, the organizers also agreed to sponsor my travel and stay. Thus I was very happy to see another Asian country besides India soon and join water specialist from all over the world. Read more »