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Potable Water woes for Rural Population in Eastern Uttar Pradesh

A recent study conducted by the assistance of World Bank in rural areas of districts of Eastern Uttar Pradesh have pointed out very serious questions about the sanitation facilities and potable water quality available to the people in this region. Read more »

Varanasi Floods 2013

Varanasi is facing the worst floods in 10 years and the water level of River Ganga is still rising. The river has been flowing near or above the Danger Mark for the past few weeks now. Many people living in low lying areas along the river banks are forced to leave their homes and stay in relief camps in various parts of the city. Temperatures of above 35 degrees and Humidity above 95% is making the weather intolerable as well. The people want to go back to their homes but the present conditions indicate that it will be some time before that can happen. Read more »

Stray Dogs in India

I know what a few readers might be thinking after reading the title of this article. How is this related to the theme of this website? Well when we are dealing with megacities, there is never just one problem and just one solution to it. It’s always a big system of problems and resolving it for betterment of the city requires smart set of solutions. So it may seem at first though that urbanization of the city has no relation with stray dog population, but that is incorrect. Any one who has been to India knows that almost all cities have stray dogs. And larger cities have even larger number of dogs with no home. The obvious question arises, why are there so many stray dogs on the streets of India and in negligible number in western countries? Read more »

Environmental Research in India: Perspective of a Young Scientist

Research is a unique field of work because in this field the money put is not put with the expectancy of great returns. It is a one way flow of money in this field. You put in your money and you get peer-reviewed papers in return. The papers could be good showing amazing results and new discoveries or innovations but also the papers could be useless and the results could be of no important use. Still, research is the most important field of work and the reason for that is it’s responsible for every single discovery and invention and is responsible for every single piece of technology we hold so close to our heart. The one and only aim of research is to make human life better and easier. Even when scientists worry about the environment and global warming and such problems, the main focus is survival of human species. When scientists worry about a river getting polluted, it is because if that river dies, the lives of people which are very much dependent on that river becomes much more difficult. Still, I feel, in today’s world, scientists are not given full attention, respect and help which they deserve. Read more »

Humble views of a Railway fan

Since my childhood, I have been in love with trains and railways of all kinds. The power, the precision and the numerical figures involved, always astounded me. Obviously, Indian railway has a special place in my heart and mind. I still remember all the train journeys I ever took in India. And I still am a fan of train and railway technologies. In India, I used to see videos and pictures of the trains and railway systems of other countries. After coming to Germany, I got the chance to have a first-hand experience of not just German Railway (Deutsche Bahn) but railway system of nearly all of Europe. Read more »