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Dependance of poor people on Ganga as the only source of water in Varanasi..

Most ancient civilizations grew along the banks of rivers. Even today, millions of people all over the world live on the banks of rivers and depend on them for their survival. The pollution of environment is the ´gift´ of the industrial revolution Prior to this the agrarian cultures created significant environmental deterioration in the form of soil erosion- through deforestation and overgrazing. The environmental degradation is a by product of modern civilization.
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My First Visit To Aachen…..Germany

It was on a one fine day that Dr Ramakar Jha , suddenly called me up and asked me whether I have my passport or not and after a pause I said yeah…I do…He instantly asked me whether I am interested in going to Germany for a project and I said a yes without even thinking…He then send me the details of the Prof i.e Dr Klaus Baier with the details of the project .I soon got an invitation from the Prof himself .I even got the contact ID of two Indian PhD students working under him i.e Shikhar and Hemant. I contacted them, had thousands of queries regarding my project and more about the place and its culture ,its food habits  ,the winter and many more .I was very excited since it was my first visit out of india and that to all alone, away from home, away from family.I was damn excited and a bit nervous too. Finally my journey began…the day arrived and I left for Aachen. Read more »