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Katharina Albert
Student of M.Sc. Applied Geosciences, major in Geophysics-Hydrogeology-Engineering Geology. Currently working on master thesis at Department of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology of RWTH Aachen University. Topic is non-point source pollution in urban area

Waste Management of Varanasi

Due to fast urbanization and lack of waste management, plastic bags, bottles and papers etc. littered the roads of Varanasi City.  This is one of the major “visible” surface pollutant causing serious problems such as soil/water pollution, livelihood for bacteria, insects and stray animals and sewer clogging etc. In order to improve city’s image and life standards, action must be taken from government and citizen. Read more »

Introducing a study area: Trans-Varuna, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India

Varanasi is situated in Uttar Pradesh province, in the north of India. The city lies within the Indo-Gangetic Plain and has two effluents: Varuna in the north and Assi in the south. The study area presented in this article is on the trans-Varuna side, on the flood plain of the Varuna river, consist mainly of alluvium deposits. Read more »

On the way to the shopping junction Godowlia, Varanasi

A ride with a rickshaw to Godowlia is one of an experience worth mention. Starting at Banaras Hindu University, where traffic is still calm. The closer we get to Godowlia, the more surprising it gets. Horning is very common on the streets of India and you should not take it personal if someone horned at you. Probably, to press on a horn is a widespread habit while driving. Following is my unserious theory of the use of a horn in India (no guaratee but quite applicable): Read more »