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Another attempt to recover the Hussainsagar lake, Hyderabad

Finally, it looks like Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA) is serious about cleaning of the Hussainsagar Lake which has shape of heart and is also located in the heart of Hyderabad city. In my previous blogs about Hussain sagar, I have mentioned about the current situation of pollution of this beautiful lake. Also, may other researchers are working and writing more about this issue. Whenever, I visited Hyderabad for the purpose of work, I always had a walk around the Hussain Sagar lake and it always made me feel sad like any other citizen of Hyderabad by realizing the loss of this precious resource of water. And that too, in the region, where, there is always scarcity of water.
But after reading the new article published in The Hindu newspaper, I have got some hopes that authorities are trying again and again to recover the Hussain Sagar Lake. In their current attempt, HMDA has been working on diverting sewage inflows apart from industrial effluents. The sewage inflows from different inlets has been a major problem for the lake for this 400 year old water body which was created to cater irrigation needs of the then city. According to their sewage diversion plan, the HMDA has been working out a 1600 mm ring sewer main running to a length of 2.5 kms from Necklace Road to opposite the Sailors Club. This part of the diversion initiative mainly looks at preventing Kukatpally nala inflows from entering the lake. Kukutpally Nala joins the lake from the north-west direction. Also they are working on Balanagar sewage trunk main of 1400mm dia. This will divert the major part of the sewage from entering into the lake, so the recovery process can be started. In case of recovery attempt, the sewage treatment plants (STPs) for the Hussain Sagar cleaning include one with 30 MLD capacity at Picket Nala opposite KIMS Hospital for tertiary treatment and 20 MLD on Balkapur nala adjacent to Khairatabad flyover which is upgraded for tertiary level with membrane treatment. (The Hindu,HYDERABAD, August 5, 2012 )

These efforts will help to check the major contributors of sewage but still there are some more factors which will need to be controlled like sewage contribution by street food vendors along the necklace road. My friend Kilian has already mentioned about their situation in his blog. And many times I have also noticed that the street food vendors don’t have any facility for toilet. So they don’t hesitate to use Hussain Sagar Lake as a toilet. To solve this issue, public awareness and education is one of the necessary tasks which need to be focused on.

I hope, all these attempts will be sufficient for proper cleaning of the lake and we will see some good results in future.


The Hindu, Hyderabad, August 5, 2012 :

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  1. Helo Hemant Wakode, Your work is very good on Hyderabad & Its water resources. I would like to bring to your notice that Until 1940s people used to drink the hussain sagar lake water, later it has been polluted. Now authorities are planning to clean and restore, how it will possible ? Until they stop pollute water to flow into Hussain sagar. The catchment area fully cover with built up area. Domestic sewage water and lake surround domestic waste dumping into the lake. Many NGOs working on this Subject. I can suggest you that if possible you may contact them, all the best.

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