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Monthly Archives: May 2016

And suddenly, everything is different


It´s Monday morning, the first day of the new semester at the RWTH Aachen. Everything is quite normal, it´s half past seven, you have to catch the bus at eight, but still a lot of things left to do and you are running out of time. Than you grab your backpack, and another one and then you realize that you are not going to university. You are going to India, for three months. Read more »

“Selfie please?!”

The smartphone is a technology that has conquered the world incredibly fast. The first generation iPhone is only nine years old, but already it feels to me that by not owning a smartphone I belong to a tiny minority. Until last year, I thought that the vast rise of smartphones is only a phenomenon in well-off countries. But soon I learned that even in developing countries, I get puzzled looks when people see my ancient clamshell phone. Read more »

Thumps up for the Indian post office in Raipur

Sending letters is a nice and more personal way to communicate with friends in this well connected world. Especially, when being abroad. Staying in India, I took the chance to send a letter to my friend and it became an unexpectedly good experience. Read more »

My first impressions of India

India has always been on my wish list of countries to visit, but either there was no time or other interests that interferred with this plan. After signing up for the Master of science in Georessourcemanagement I had the opportunity to go abroad and get to know new people and culture. Read more »