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Monthly Archives: April 2016

Indian traffic – Hyderabad Metro railway project and construction

Most of us know, travelling on the roads of Germany can’t be compared to travelling Indian roads! While it is easy to travel longer distances by road and really getting from destination A to B, despite some hundred kilometres distance in just a few hours – this is not possible in the megacity area of Hyderabad. Officially having the worst European traffic in Brussels, daily drivers from there can be quite happy not be caught up in an Indian, Hyderabadi kind of traffic. Experiencing how bad the traffic here may get would leave them quite relaxed in their traffic issues.

Hyderabad’s population stands at around 8 million right now and is projected to reach 13,6 million people in the next 5 years. As of right now more than 3 million personalised vehicles are on the roads, and that doesn’t include all the motorcycles and scooters! 0,2 Million people are approximated as yearly increase of vehicles in Hyderabad.
While 8 million motorised trips are made daily, only around 40 % are made with the public transportation. Just one effect despite all the traffic and the time spent, waiting in it, is the high pollution level. Combined with temperatures right now in the months of April and May of around 40 °C and higher the air quality suffers tremendously.

It seems like from the moment that you can afford to not walk, but take a motorcycle or something else you will only walk with your own feet when there is no other possible way. In the mornings I usually walk about one kilometre to get fruits and milk for breakfast – and at the beginning I was somehow even laughed at for not wanting to take a scooter, but preferring to walk by myself. I believe that the growth and intensification of traffic will not stop anytime soon.

In order to somehow manage the traffic which is projected to just become more in the next years officials have realised that something needs to be changed! Read more »