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Monthly Archives: October 2015

Another impact of land use change



India is a developing country and its newly developing state Chhattisgarh is also its apex of development. Development is the need of mankind, but not at the cost of changes in environmental outcome.  Due to developmental changes in landuse pattern affects most severely the entire natural asset of the area. As I can see here the drastic changes due to www.nature.comdevelopment; all over the urban periphery apartments, colleges, schools, hospitals, business parks.. etc will increases very rapidly. The land cover changes from vegetation, barren land, shrubs to concrete cover, pavements….etc. The property of the land has changed. All these changes will be going to affect not only this area but the effects we can also see in the nearby villages. This is rainy season. But here at urban area there will be no rainfall at this season. And at the nearby villages excessive rainfall will damage the entire farmers schedule for their plantation.

Climate variability

Why this happens…..;

why rainfall is below average at urban area and why it is heavily rained over the rural area near by urban periphery?? What is the reason behind this?? Who is responsible for this??

All such questions are arises when it comes to affect society economically; because no one bothered until it directly affects the present.

Questions arising in my mind that; why weather is not behaving according to the season?? And, Is it disturbed due to local changes in land use pattern?? These two questions are storming in my mind. The interaction and dependencies of processes across the boundaries of environmental compartments makes us difficult to understand these changes. Growing consumption and source to sink product life disturbed the hydro-geology
as well as ecology of the area that is contrary to any principles of sustainability. Resource depletion and pollution are facts to be faced by today’s generation. Understanding the interactions between the compartments in a hydro system is vital in predicting the effects of changes in climatic forces due to land use pattern.

Changes in any one compartment disturbed the nutrient and water cycle of the local area. Due to this we suffer natural anomaly of various kinds, which is going to affect our lives socially economically and politically. That is the scenario which not only our future generation will suffer but today we ourselves witness. All these are the cause of human interaction in haphazard manner on our ecosphere. We are the only responsible for the decay of our natural prosperity. Please preserve the ecosystem because we are the one who lives in society for the society.