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Monthly Archives: June 2013

Create a Lane!

The serendipity of the wheel changed the way of life of human being. At that time it was possible to transport goods and people from A to B. The more time passed the better the constructions and types of vehicles got. It was easier to cover a particular distance. Distant townships seemed to be closer and uninhabitated areas were discovered. Read more »

Lock-down due to Telangana revolt and e-waste work in Hyderabad

Hello everyone again,

greetings from Hyderabad. Last Friday I had my first lock-down. The whole city was shut down. All shops were closed. No busses were driving. Most of the main roads were blocked by metal and wire-netting fences. Other streets could just be used one-way. Many police men were standing at the fences with riot sticks, body protectors, helmets and even machine guns. I was very scared because I never saw something like that before. In the belowed picture you can see one of the blockades with police men in their working clothes. At every blockade were around 15 men positioned. And countless men in the whole city…. Quite a lot as you can imagine! Brought there by large trucks. Read more »

Aspects of Solid Waste Management in Hyderabad


If you do not know how municipal service works in other countries you might take for granted what you have. The same happens with solid waste management. In Germany the only thing you have to do is to separate your waste at home, put it into the correct bin which you will normally find in the cellar or garden and finally open the door when the garbage collector is ringing the bell. Usually, you will neither have to overcome a distance of a few hundred meters nor will you get in contact with waste on the road or with the smell related to it. Read more »