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Monthly Archives: May 2013

Ganges, the holy go(o)d!

Every morning you can see children, women and men on both sites of the holy Ganges perform rituals by holding the sacred water of the goddess in their hands and pray. To hold the holy goddess in his hands no Hindu dares to lie or be deceitful and disabuses them of all their sins. Read more »

About Differences and Social Contrasts from Himayathnagar to Jubilee Hills and from Noisy Himayatnagar to Quiet Taj Falaknuma Palace

Hello everyone,

I´m Katharina and I stay in Hyderabad with Tamara. We are working on waste management in Hyderabad. Our topics are solid waste and e-waste.
We are in Himayathnagar, Hyderabad for three and a half weeks now and we have already seen a lot. Nearly everything is different than in “home sweet home” Germany: the streets are always full of busses, motorbikes, auto rickshaws, tricycles, cars and lots of pedestrians. It seems like the city is never sleeping or cooling down for a bit. And the noise is amazing. Read more »

The smells of Varanasi

If you have never been to India yet it is hard to imagine the atmosphere surrounding you on the streets. You can watch several pictures or youtube videos, try to imagine the heat, the burning sun on your skin, the noises of busses, cars and different rikshaws and the people on the street selling all kind of foods. You already know about that as an observant reader of these blogs. However you are sitting in your quiet and cool flat in Europe and cannot imagine the Indian street atmosphere in its entirity if you haven´t been there before. Read more »