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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Water testing in Rasoolpura


If you take a closer look towards the different wards of Hyderabad you will find a lot of poor areas. One of them is the slum area Rasoolpura. Besides a lot of other difficulties one of the major problems is the health situation. In fact a lot of diseases are waterborne and depending on polluted water. Read more »

Stray Dogs in India

I know what a few readers might be thinking after reading the title of this article. How is this related to the theme of this website? Well when we are dealing with megacities, there is never just one problem and just one solution to it. It’s always a big system of problems and resolving it for betterment of the city requires smart set of solutions. So it may seem at first though that urbanization of the city has no relation with stray dog population, but that is incorrect. Any one who has been to India knows that almost all cities have stray dogs. And larger cities have even larger number of dogs with no home. The obvious question arises, why are there so many stray dogs on the streets of India and in negligible number in western countries? Read more »

Can Indians move from ‘They will do it’ to ‘I shall do’?


About the importance of environmental education and awareness.

After 10 days of staying in Hyderabad, Irealized that observations about India which I read and heard about before my arrival have fateful consequences: A lot of Indians never consider the way their individual actions impact on the environment. Read more »