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Monthly Archives: November 2012

A Church Flooded by Sewage Water

The Holy Trinity Church in the Begumpet area of Hyderabad has a smelly problem. The large grounds within its compound area have been flooded with sewage water for several days now. Read more »


“Lebensstil” or lifestyle is a term that has in the social sciences a significant upswing since Bourdieu’s publication “Distinction”. Furthermore, the term is now experiencing an inflationary use in various fields. On the one hand the lifestyle concept is used for the analysis of social structure as expansion or differentiation from class or caste models of social differences. On the other hand, the term is object of critique in connection with “western”, “modern” way of life, or even the “American Way of Life”, for example in relation to health issues or sustainability. Thus the modern, sedentary lifestyle is a risk factor for several diseases, such as obesity and the energy-intensive Western lifestyle threatens due to the high CO2 emissions and climate change the environmental conditions. Read more »

JNNURM – Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission

The requirement for urban infrastructure investment is visible in every corner in Indian cities. Roads are in a bad condition, public transport is not sufficient, water supply lines are leaking, a sewer system doesn’t even exist in many places and everywhere garbage is littering the streets. Therefore in 2005 the Government of India launched a central government scheme called Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission to bridge the investment gap, support reforms and fast track planned development in selected cities. Read more »

Environmental Research in India: Perspective of a Young Scientist

Research is a unique field of work because in this field the money put is not put with the expectancy of great returns. It is a one way flow of money in this field. You put in your money and you get peer-reviewed papers in return. The papers could be good showing amazing results and new discoveries or innovations but also the papers could be useless and the results could be of no important use. Still, research is the most important field of work and the reason for that is it’s responsible for every single discovery and invention and is responsible for every single piece of technology we hold so close to our heart. The one and only aim of research is to make human life better and easier. Even when scientists worry about the environment and global warming and such problems, the main focus is survival of human species. When scientists worry about a river getting polluted, it is because if that river dies, the lives of people which are very much dependent on that river becomes much more difficult. Still, I feel, in today’s world, scientists are not given full attention, respect and help which they deserve. Read more »