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Monthly Archives: July 2012

Magnificent Monschau

Common… it’s only forty minutes by bus from the Aachen Bushof, I can go whenever I want. But saying frank, there is no charm in exploring a place without friends…both known and strangers, no matter how many times you have been to that place. Thanks to INCAS, the barrier to go through, what is exactly after these forty minutes, was gone through the confirmation by a mere mail and of curse 5 Euros is not that much…:P. Read more »

Dissertation – Project Management

Dissertation Mindmap

What is a dissertation? Reading, research, writing, collecting data? Not only that, a further point seems particularly important. And the longer I work on my dissertation, so it seems to me absolutely necessary: The organization and management. Most of all I like the concept of project management, because I see this thesis as a project.

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Some interviews with streetfood vendors in Hyderabad

In an earlier entry (see here) I have already written about streetfood and its popularity in India. This entry focuses more on the problems streetfood vendors are facing concerning their access to water and sanitation. Anyone who offers freshly prepared food from a little stall or cart needs a certain amount of water: to wipe the “kitchen” and clean the used dishes, for personal hygiene (e.g. hand washing), for drinking  and of course for the preparation of the food itself. Read more »

Sambalpur: The City Unexplored


Sambalpur is in the eastern state Odisha of India. It is the second largest city by population of western Odisha. Sambalpur derives its name from that of the Goddess Samalei, who is regarded as the reigning deity of the region. Sambalpur serves as the gateway to the bewitching western zone of Odisha,  abounding  in  lush   green  forests,  colorful wild-life,  exquisite  array  of hills, waterfalls  of  Read more »

Euro cup fever in Aachen…

If you want to experience the craziness of German fans towards football, then Euro cup is the best time. Some even think that Euro cup championship is tougher than the World Cup football matches and it seems true in every sense. And if you are staying in Germany, then you can not stay away from all this fun. It all starts at least 15-20 days before the start of league matches. You can notice the German flags on the cars and German flag colors spreading on many products from toilet papers to chocolates in Super markets. Read more »