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Monthly Archives: June 2012

Invitation to be speaker at ASIA 2012

After having written an abstract about what our research group is doing in India and what my special research interest is, I got an invitation to the ASIA 2012 Conference in Chiang Mai, Thailand. This was the Fourth International Conference on Water Resources and Renewable Energy Development in Asia. It included presentations and discussions on the opportunities, development targets, accomplishments and challenges of countries in the Asia Pacific region regarding water. As I should speak to the audience, the organizers also agreed to sponsor my travel and stay. Thus I was very happy to see another Asian country besides India soon and join water specialist from all over the world. Read more »

Monsoon and Urban Flooding in Indian Megacities

Every year, after facing the summer heat up to 40-450C in the month of May, everyone, no matter if he lives in village or city, looks forward for the onset of monsoon. Normally, on 1st of June, Kerala state experiences first monsoon showers and then it moves slowly to cover the whole country. Monsoon is the major source of water for agriculture, drinking water as well as other sectors of water demand. This year, monsoon started on 4th of June and it already covered half of the country. Previously India Meteorological department estimated that, rainfall during the current south-west monsoon will be 99 percent of the long period average (LPA) in April. But after recalculations last week, now it is estimated that there will be 96 percent rainfall, which is still normal monsoon (The Hindu, June 22, 2012 ). Just hoping that, after next recalculation it will not lower below normal. Read more »

Life in Germany, A new beginning

Hello everyone. This will be the first post of mine in Germany. My journey starts here with a word called “late”.  My flight was 10 hour late. My luggage also came after one day. But it feels good to come from 45 degree Celsius to 10 degree Celsius.  Thanks to the people i have a nice room in Aachen. I met Dr. Klaus on the very first day of my arrival.  He was very nice .  First few days in Aachen were a little hard for me. But later i get accustomed to it with the help from hemant, shikhar and Jasmin. The weather is now quite soothing for me. Read more »

Let’s take the bus!

Indian cities are not the most pedestrian friendly cities in the world. Most streets don’t have any sidewalks and if there are, they usually are used as vending spots, toilets or waste dumps. If you are lucky enough to find an empty sidewalk, you have to be careful not to break your leg due to some hole or gap in the ground. Stress-free strolling around Indian cities is almost impossible so other means of transportation are needed. Hyderabad anyway is a big city, so it’s not possible to walk everywhere if you want to reach the same day. Read more »

Indian Food

The Indian Cuisine is very different from the European one. Mainly you can find vegetarian but also non-vegetarian. It encompasses the regional cuisines of the Indian states. Also the Hindu and Muslim belief and culture have a big influence on the regional cousins. Meat has a minor role in India, it isn’t that important like in Germany.

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