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Monthly Archives: May 2012

Quiet India – The Sunrise at river Ganga

When you want see the main streets of Varanasi as a quiet place you have to get up early in the morning. One Sunday Yorck, Shikhar and I took a riksha to the Ghats at 4.50 a.m. to witness the sunrise and the morning rituals at river Ganga. Read more »

Indian Trains


Thinking of Indian Trains means a lot of people sitting in front of the locomotive, on the roofs or hanging out of the windows. There are too many people for just one train.

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The sound of India

About twittering horns and chirring crickets

When people think of the mysterious subcontinent of India, many of them think of Bollywood with its shiny colors, dancing people, singing actors and distinctive music. But India offers so many other sounds than just the traditional indian music. In fact, sounds and noises are everywhere: Read more »

„Do you want some water?“

About the trouble saying NO and the lovely hospitality of the Indian people.

My job is doing interviews with the people. Going from one door to another and ask for information about the inhabitants life and their water consumption. Quite clear as far as that.

But what shall I do when every alternating household wants me to come in and drink some of their water? Read more »

The Pollution of Indian Water Bodies and Bad Waste Water Management

Indians love to go for their morning walk. If you go to one of the few parks in Hyderabad you’ll find them full at 6am already. People are walking, talking, doing yoga or just sit on the grass. Since I like to run but the temperatures during the day are rising to around 40°C at the beginning of May, I also find myself in the park in the morning where I always see a little lake of sewage and garbage in an otherwise pretty park. Read more »