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Monthly Archives: April 2012

Traditional Groundwater Diviners in India

Traditional Groundwater diviner is the person who claims to have the unique power using which he can find out the site, depth and yield of groundwater for drilling of bore well for good supply water. Poor and uneducated farmers are the main victims of such ground water diviners. In India, still most of the farming is dependant on the monsoon rainfall which is not very reliable source for the farmers who already have very low land holding capacity. In such cases, these farmers are looking forward to irrigate their farms for sustainable income from farming using groundwater resource. These section and also sometimes superstitious educated people in cities becomes victim of these ground water diviners.

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A Tour Through Dharavi – One of South Asia’s Biggest Slums

If you come to Mumbai as a tourist for a few days and you spend your time in the posh southern tip of the city, around the Gateway of India and Marine Drive, it is easy to forget that a big part of the urban population in India lives in slums and has to fight for a livelihood every day. Around 60% of the citizens of Mumbai live in slums and Dharavi, with a population of at least half a million, probably has become the most famous one of them, especially after the success of the movie “Slumdog Millionaire”. Read more »

Life of young academics in Megacities: Between shopping, family tradition and pollution …

Last week I wrote about my experiences as part of an Indo-German Tandem Reporter Team at the DAAD “German Study & Research Expo India 2012” in Hyderabad. Some fair visitors, young Indian academics, described the rapid development track of India’s Megacities.

The report can be read in full length on this website:

„Zwischen Shopping, Familientradition und Umweltverschmutzung …“  –  “Between shopping, family tradition and pollution …”

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