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Monthly Archives: March 2012

DAAD Tandem Reporter for “German Study & Research Expo India 2012” in Hyderabad

From 21 to 23 February I was one of the Tandem Reporters for the DAAD “German Study & Research Expo India 2012” in Hyderabad. This Expo was the major German education fair 2012 in India and informed young Indians about study and research opportunities in Germany.

2012 is the historical anniversary of 60 years diplomatic relations between Germany and India. The Expo was one of the highlights of the many different celebrations throughout the year. The fair also toured in Delhi and Chennai. Read more »

Privatization of Water Supply – A Controversial Issue

In several Indian cities there are attempts to privatize the supply of water, a task that has usually been in the hands of the municipality. For example in Nagpur the French company Veolia has been running a pilot project to provide 24×7 supply of water which later was handed over to the Orange City Water Limited, an Indo-French joint venture, for a period of 25 years from last November on. This includes the entire water supply cycle from treatments plants to billing. Read more »

IGCS Winterschool in Chennai

It was Monday morning, the 20th of February, when the IGCS Winterschool members first met in front of the Visweswaraya Seminar Hall of the Department of Civil Engineering on IIT Madras Campus. Despite of jetlag, at least amongst the German participants, there were exciting talks from the start making sure the ten Indian and ten German students and graduates forming an interesting group. After the inauguration, where the IGCS coordinators, the Head of Civil Engineering Department and the German consulate introduced the Winterschool 2012, this first impression of a colorful group got confirmed by the self-presentations showing the variety of educational backgrounds the participants come from. The interests of Waste managers, Geographers, Environmental Engineers, Chemical Engineers, Georesources Managers, Biotechnologists and many more converged in the Winterschool’s two major fields: sustainability & environment. Read more »

International Students Meet–2012 and Holi at NIT, Rourkela

Recently, I got an opportunity to participate in second International Students Meet-2012 during 9 to 11th March at National Institute of Technology (NIT), Rourkela and it was really nice experience for me. Generally, such events of students meet on International level are rare case for Indian students. But since last year, Prof. Ramkar Jha of NIT initiated such function for Indian students and international students inside and outside India. Read more »

Dependance of poor people on Ganga as the only source of water in Varanasi..

Most ancient civilizations grew along the banks of rivers. Even today, millions of people all over the world live on the banks of rivers and depend on them for their survival. The pollution of environment is the ´gift´ of the industrial revolution Prior to this the agrarian cultures created significant environmental deterioration in the form of soil erosion- through deforestation and overgrazing. The environmental degradation is a by product of modern civilization.
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