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Monthly Archives: February 2012

My First Visit To Aachen…..Germany

It was on a one fine day that Dr Ramakar Jha , suddenly called me up and asked me whether I have my passport or not and after a pause I said yeah…I do…He instantly asked me whether I am interested in going to Germany for a project and I said a yes without even thinking…He then send me the details of the Prof i.e Dr Klaus Baier with the details of the project .I soon got an invitation from the Prof himself .I even got the contact ID of two Indian PhD students working under him i.e Shikhar and Hemant. I contacted them, had thousands of queries regarding my project and more about the place and its culture ,its food habits  ,the winter and many more .I was very excited since it was my first visit out of india and that to all alone, away from home, away from family.I was damn excited and a bit nervous too. Finally my journey began…the day arrived and I left for Aachen. Read more »

BLUE PLANET “Berlin Water Dialogues 2012″, Messe Berlin. PART II

In this blog is still missing the second part of my visit of the Berlin Water Dialogues 2012 which influenced my work importantly.
The program was very diverse. A first lecture from Alexander Müller from FAO was followed by a panel discussion. Moderated by Friedrich Barth  European Water Partnership) the participants Holger Hoff (Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research), Prof. Felix Ekardt (University of Rostock), Matthias Meissner (WWF) and  Dr Friedhelm Schmider (ECPA) presented different positions on the “water challenges in the food supply-chain”.
Holger Hoff claimed a kind of present-day Marshall Plan for sustainable revolution. After all the basis therefore was already established in 1972 with the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment (also known as the Stockholm Conference) followed by the Brundtland Report 1987.

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Water Issues in Bholakpur

A few years ago Bholakpur, a relatively poor area in Hyderabad which is located on the eastern side of Hussain Sagar made the headlines in the city after 14 people died after consuming contaminated drinking water. Read more »

Dear Winter, You’re Late

Every one living in the Northern hemisphere of our planet can relate to the topic of this article. Winter is late and seems to be stronger than ever. When all of December and January went away without sub-zero temperatures and snow, I gave up on seeing snow again this year. I was looking forward to it because now since I am used to it, I would have enjoyed it more. Read more »

BLUE PLANET “Berlin Water Dialogues 2012”, Messe Berlin. PART I

The “Berlin Water Dialogues 2012” took place this year as part of the Green Week in Berlin because the topic was “Sustainable Use of Water in Agriculture – A holistic view on water in the food supply chain & The challenge of designing effective water allocation mechanisms “.

The subject was also related to the “Bonn 2011 Conference: The Water, Energy and Food Security Nexus”, which was a preparation event for the “Rio plus 20” this year. The Bonn conference pursues two objectives: on the one hand, to develop cross-sector solutions for achieving water, energy and food security; on the other, to position the interface of water, energy and food security within the discourse of the “Rio plus 20” process and “green economy”. Read more »