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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Harmony in the midst of Chaos

In nearly every major city in India, there are many campuses of government or private organizations, or universities, which act as small cities for people working for those entities. Such campuses have everything like the apartments and houses for their employees, markets, parks, playgrounds, schools, temples, their own water and sewerage system, waste disposal system etc. Read more »

Jubilee Hills Civic Exnora – A residential initiative towards a waste collection service

As opposed to India, the urban infrastructure in Germany that supports and makes daily life more comfortable and safe is laid out well and serviced throughout the city: I receive clean water 24/7 and dirty water discharges immediately and odourlessly into the depths of the urban sewage system; there are power cuts only on very rare occasions (and if so, I am informed about it) and I know exactly on which day (and more or less at what time) the municipality’s waste collection truck passes through my street to collect the rubbish that I accumulated throughout the week. In India, the municipality does not guarantee for any of the above even if the actual physical infrastructure is already in place. Read more »

Water-Related Diseases

Water is the basis of life and an essential element for maintaining health and hygiene.  The right to life is granted in the Indian Constitution and the Supreme Court of India recognizes that the right to clean and safe water is an aspect to this right to life. But water can also become a health risk when it is contaminated, thereby causing so called water-related diseases. Read more »

Sanitation in Indian Cities – A Neglected Issue

A recent survey, published by the Urban Development ministry shows how basic infrastructure, especially sanitation, cannot keep up with the fast growth of Indian cities. Read more »

Looking back on a year in India

Over one year I have been doing research in India now and I got to know and love the country and its people.
Why I went there? While I was studying engineering, architecture and urban design, I was interested in ecology. Therefore it was the logical conclusion that I accepted my first job after graduation in an NGO in Africa. Within the local program for urban social development, I prepared a project for sustainable sanitation. Read more »