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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Water consumption of India’s middle class in Tarnaka, Hyderabad

Tarnaka is a typical upper middle class district of Hyderabad and multi-story apartment complexes alternate with single family houses. The first floor of apartment buildings often provides parking space for the typical Asian small family cars. In some neighbourhoods small parks with artificial planted beds and new playgrounds are located. Read more »

Bottled Water – A Rapidly Growing Market in India

Bottled water consumption in Germany is very high although high quality tap water is available. The reasons are that many people just don’t like the taste of their tap water and also the intensive marketing and advertising of bottled water. People believe that the qualitiy of bottled water is higher than that of tap water. Additionally sparkling water is very popular in Germany. In India the market for bottled water is growing rapidly too but here bottled water often is a necessity if you want to have access to clean drinking water. Read more »

Weimar- One of the historically significant city of Germany

Weimar is situated in the East of Germany. It took us nearly 8 hours to reach there by bus. Last week the weather was cloudy and rainy but luckily, during the weekend the weather was fine so we were able to enjoy our trip. This 3-day trip was arranged by INCAS (INterkulturelles Centrum Aachener Studierender- Inter-cultural Center for Students in Aachen). I was accompanied with two of my friends and collegues from the department. I also made some new friends during this trip including from China, Turkey, Spain etc. It was nice experience to know more about the other cultures during our trip along with history of Weimar. Before Weimar, we took our first stop at Erfurt- another cultural heritage, close to Weimar. Read more »

Some Thoughts on Wastewater Treatment in Fast Growing Urban Areas

For the improvement of sanitation systems in developing countries and regions pathway such as East and South Asia it is required to implement effective treatment plants for wastewater management. Introducing
alternative systems, nearest to these economic and social realities it is a possible solution to many of the
environmental problems that lack in megacities. Under these conditions decentralized systems are alternatives
based on innovative models and effective to integrate the socio-economic realities, and thus provide a better
management as far as the water treatment is concerned. Read more »

The Indian people and the measurement instrument

For my research topic I am focussing on urban development, in particular water quality and water supply. With past and recent data, I want to develop some scenarios referring to the future development of the cities of Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh) and Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh). Therefore it is required to take water samples from different study areas all around the cities which are tested in the laboratory in detail. I take the water from public hand pumps, taps, rivers, lakes and private bore wells so I can cover nearly all sources where people in India get their water from.

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