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Monthly Archives: September 2011

Informal Business Models: The Delhi Ice Cream Wallah Project – by Isabelle Jasmin Roth

Background: Delhi, the informal city

According to the 2011 census, Delhi grew on average by 21% between 2001 and 2011. Currently, about 45% of Delhi’s population lives in unauthorized or illegal colonies. This number is about to grow, as the informal sector is a major source of employment in the economic fabric of the city. Vegetable vendors, construction workers or domestic helpers come to Delhi in order to find jobs, send money to their villages and to educate their children for a better future. Read more »

Future Dialogue 2011 – Conference on challenges and opportunities of rapid urbanization

On Saturday, September 24th the third Future Dialogue Conference took place in New Delhi. The Dialogue is designed to address important global issues and is organized by the German Max Planck Society and Siemens. The aim of the event is to bring together scientists, business leaders, policy makers and thinkers to discuss problems, talk together and find solutions. Read more »

Urban periphery between New Economy and Agriculture

Handbook Urbanization India

The main issue of Indian urban periphery is the question if it is rural or urban. This question is even the challenge of the identity of Indian nation (cf. Marius-Gnanou, Moriconi-Ebrard 2009, p. 6, Gotsch 2009, p. 46).

Regarding the urban debate in developing countries the urban researcher Gotsch adds to the contradictions “rural-urban” several more like “global-local”, “fragment-network”, “homogenisation-indigenisation”. All this themes play a significant role in actual urban and population growth in India. Read more »

Hyderabad’s beautiful Rock Formations – Victims of Urbanization

Most of the entries in this blog focus on the interaction between urbanization and water resources. But in Hyderabad it’s not only the water that is directly affected by the uncontrolled urban sprawl but also one of its characteristic features: the beautiful rock formations in and around the city. Read more »

Short Note on the Effects of Urbanization on Groundwater

Uncontrolled urbanization and the growing population pressure are essential challenges for the water management in urbanized regions of the emerging- and developing countries. In terms of the environment, the reciprocal impact of urban development and groundwater represents one of the most important aspects of growing cities. Read more »