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Monthly Archives: July 2011

Where are the Roads?

Varanasi, the city I belong to. Nearly everyone in my family was born here. Both of my grandfathers used to be professors in Banaras Hindu University, one of the best and very popular universities of India. Both my parents have studied here at one point or another. It always has been a city of spirituality and knowledge. A lot of great minds give the credit of their work to this city. Many well-known Indian poets, writers, philosophers and musicians viz. Kabir, Munshi Premchand, Pandit Ravi Shankar, Hariprasad Chaurasia, Bismillah Khan and many more have resided in this city. Tulsidas wrote the Ramayana here, and Sarnath – located near Varanasi – is the place where Lord Buddha gave his first sermon. Even though this city has such great history, none of the above mentioned people will be happy to know the present day conditions of Varanasi. Read more »

Hyderabad’s distant water sources – a conflict-laden issue

As pointed out in Shikhar’s post about Hyderabad’s water resources, there should not be the need for tapping distant sources of water if the local resources were managed properly. But, as they are not, it seems more viable to get water from far away to satisfy the metropolis’ daily water demand. Read more »

Interim Uses of Abandoned Sites in Megacities and the Impact on Water Resources – The Example Guangzhou

Due to mega-urbanization, an increasing number of abandoned sites emerge. The space-structural changes in Chinese megaurban areas produce a variety of temporarily uncertain surfaces. And particularly in megacities, abandoned sites harbour a huge risk for the health of some social groups like the rising number of the floating population.  Read more »

Visit of Indian Journalists to Aachen

Journalists from top most news papers in India, including Mr. Narayani Ganesh from Times of India, Mr. R. Ramchandran from Hindu, Mr. Dinesh C. Sharma from Science Editor and Mr. Sagar A. Kulkarni from PTI, visited to Aachen during their 6 day Information Visit to Germany. These are among the journalists from India who has millions of readers of their articles and reports in India. I have also read their many articles about the politics and other issues but it was first time to meet and face the questions of such well known reporters personally. Their visit was mostly focused on gathering information about the scope of study and research for Indian students in Germany and this whole trip was organized by DAAD (German academic exchange service). Read more »

Cricket – Experiencing a match in the stadium

If Germans are crazy about football then Indians are even crazier about cricket!
On narrrow streets, little courtyards or any free space there is, you can see children playing the game, often with not much more than a improvised bat and some sticks that serve as the wickets. Some of the players are worshipped like gods and the sports pages in the newspapers are dominated by the so called Gentleman’s game. Read more »